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The Levity.

Changing children's lives.

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A New Rehabilitation Tool

The Levity is hands-free.
Walk, run, dance, draw, play soccer or play the piano.
Whatever your child likes, they can do it - while doing therapy. 


Mila has shown great progress with her time in the Levity and most importantly, she absolutely loves using it!

Thank You!

- Kevin, Mila's dad.



It feels like second nature.

Levity's unique design allows it to naturally adjust to your child's growth over many years, maximizing its benefits. 

Support can be changed in a matter
of seconds to meet the child's progress.

Adjustable harness

Just the right support.

The Levity was designed with one goal in mind: to get kids walking.

It trains their legs, not their arms.


This tool supports patients at the waist, allowing a one-of-a-kind hands-free experience that reinforces muscles that matter the most for optimal walking rehabilitation.

This opens an entirely new experience for patients and therapists, as the latter can now
fully focus on patient engagement.

Taking it slower,
to get results faster.

The Levity has been engineered to fit the most stringent criteria of health professionals.

Front steering lock

Rear partial and full brakes

Front full brake

Small car? No problem.


The Levity can fit in most cars' trunks while being small enough to fit through door frames at home. 

It's as good as it can get.

32 cm

Top_Orthographic_Half folded.png

68 cm

108 cm

Optimal partial weight support of a child during walking offers new perspectives for walking rehabilitation


Prof. Laurent Ballaz, PhD.


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