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physical rehab.


Ora Medical has been named as the 2022 rising startup of the year ! 🎉

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Ora Medical offers cutting-edge remote rehabilitation technology that has the potential to significantly improve healthcare accessibility. As the Research Chair holder and the director of the Polytechnique Lab for Assistive and Rehabilitation technologies, I see AI in rehabilitation having a tremendous impact on the treatment plan for patients.

Prof. Abolfazl Mohebbi, PhD., P. ENG


Insufficient access to health services and therapies.


Individuals live with a walking disability globally.

Are unable to leave their house.

1 Billion

How we are helping?

Ora Medical accelerates the rehabilitation of people with reduced mobility by implementing a new approach to care based on patient progress data.

In other words, optimized clinical outcomes.

Our first solution.

Our team has developed a smart gait trainer that connects to our proprietary digital platform.

​This allows clinicians to access the most crucial information about rehabilitation sessions while enabling personalized treatments for each patient.


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